How do I register?

Go to the Home page and click the "Register Now" button.

What time is the Bootcamp?

Saturday: 12pm - 6pm (Mountain Time)

Sunday: 10am - 1pm (Mountain Time)

Where Do I find the Zoom ID?

The meeting ID for the Bootcamp is provided on the confirmation of your ticket, near the bottom of the email.

I am in the meeting and there is no one else here.

Please ensure you are entering on the right date and time. All times are in Mountain Time (MST). If you are from another time zone, please make the necessary adjustments.

Do I need to pass the Ethics Certification Exam to attend?

While it is recommended, it is not required to attend. More studying is better than less!

Any other questions

Please reach out to hllqpsensei@gmail.com with any further questions you might have.